Kylie Jenner vs Revolution

The lip kit trend looks as though it’s here to stay and with the Kylie Jenner lip kits being on the expensive side you can only imagine how super super super excited I was to find that Revolution had made their own budget version. After making a purchase and comparing my Kylie Jenner Lipkit in shade Candy K to my Revolution Lipkit in shade Noble (nearest shade I could find) here’s what I found

Outside Packaging/layout

Kylie Jenner I’m not going to go into to much detail because I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen a Kylie Jenner kit but I absolutely loveeeee the packaging and looks amaze in my makeup organizer. The actual lip kit itself comes in a fabulous, luxurious box with a little printed note from Kylie herself.


Revolution; The Revolution packaging is super similar to the Kylie Jenner in many of ways, it is the ultimate dupe. The Revolution packaging is again a rectangular box with the Lip Kit held inside. It features the lip picture just like the Kylie Jenner. The Revolution packaging is slightly smaller compared to the Kylie Jenner however in terms of product theres not much difference in size at all.

Appliance & application

Kylie Jenner; What I found with Kylie Jenner is that the lip kit brush is super super accurate. The brush is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t make any kind of mess leaving a neat and sleek finish. I feel as though in my opinion the pencil could be a lot better for the price we pay. Don’t get me wrong it does its job but after a few uses the pencil becomes mega thick which is great if you wish to accentuate the lips and make them that little bigger and bolder however this can get kinda messy and look as though you’ve been playing with a Crayola if not careful! I’ve had so many people ask me if the pencil is suitable to be sharpened and the answer is yes however I find that the outer material doesn’t always sharpen well and I was left with the lip liner pencil actually being pushed back into the outer bit making it difficult to even line my lips without sharpening it to make the actual pencil stationary.

Revolution; Again, the brush gave me a super super neat application and the pencil was incredibly similar to the Kylie Jenner. I found the same problems with this pencil as I did with the Kylie Jenner, It does it’s job but again, after a few uses it becomes mega thick and can get mega messy! I didn’t really find any differences between the Kylie Jenner pencil and the Revolution pencil.

Selection and Variety of colour

Kylie Jenner; There is absolutely no complaining about the selection of colours and textures Kylie Jenner has. Whether its Matte or Metal there’s something for everyone. Unfortunately I only have Dolce K and Candy K because they’re so expensive to buy and then ship and then paying extra for tax. However if I had the money, I’d simply buy then all, seriously!

Revolution; I’d say the Revolution stock was more limited however this is a slightly newer collection and I’m sure we’ll see more of a variety on our shelves real soon. At the moment their is about 8 shades to choose from however I’ve only seen a couple  shades in my local Superdrug store. The whole stock is usually completely accessible on the Superdrug website. My personal favorites are Noble and Reign!

Product & formula

Kylie Jenner; The Kylie Jenner dries insanely fast which is extremely convenient and means less faffing! It feels super light on my lips however can feel a tad dry which I guess is expected with a Matte lipkit. I’ve worn it before and it completely peeled off within a couple of hours however it’s nothing that a bit of primer can’t fix before application (maybe I forgot that day) But I’d definitely recommend prepping your lips before appliance! Overall My Kylie Jenner lasted quite a while, It held up pretty well after a meal and only faded ever so slightly. Overall I can trust this product to last me all night loooong.

Revolution; The revolution takes slightly longer to dry and to look matte however doesn’t take ridiculously long and does dry completely Matte. I’ve seen many reviews stating the formula feels sticky on the lips and I have to say, I absolutely agree. The formula feels helllaaaa sticky although it wasn’t a complete deal breaker for me, it didn’t feel horrendous, it was bearable. What I would say however is this is not the kind of product I’d wanna wear to a meal. Ok when I ate with this stuff on, my food completely stuck to my lips (I had pieces of lettuce attached to my lip) Food completely sticks to the formula and makes the formula completely disappear off your lips and leave you with weird, patchy lips. However if I was to be positive about this product I’d say it was far less dry than the Kylie Jenner. This product can last forever if you completely avoid food, I’d say it was the perfect product for a night out!


Revolution noble                                      Kylie Jenner Candy K


Overall I think that the Revolution lip kit is the perfect dupe, the only real thing that differentiates these two products is the feel of the formula. I absolutely love revolution makeup but for me the formula was a big no no when it comes to eating and in the future i’ll stay well clear of it in the day time and maybe just wear it in the night. You have to take into consideration that the Revolution lipkits are fairly new and i’m sure the formula will be improved. I love the Kylie Jenner lip kits, I love the texture, I love the range of colours but what I don’t love so much is the price, completely overpriced in my eyes! If I had to pick one brand to use 100% I’d choose the Revolution lipkit, I think for £6 it’s good value for money, long lasting (as-longs you avoid food) and overall the perfect dupe.


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