Venturing out to Liverpool

One thing I absolutely love is spontaneous day trips and on the 8th of April me and my friend did just that. Okay, we could have timed it better because seeing everybody necking Prosecco at 10am dressed up to the nines ready for the Grand Nationals while I was just standing there in my ripped jeans and trainers completely SOBER was kinda depressing (maybe next year) but still, the weather was amazing and I couldn’t wait to go to Liverpool one for a day of shopping.

After a morning of absolute stress wondering why after an hour and a half there was still no sign of a Liverpool train from Stoke yet all the Grand National people have somehow disappeared, the penny finally dropped and we realized there was no direct train to Liverpool (this is why I’m never ever ever getting a train by myself) so after finally getting on the right train and touching down at Crewe train station, I was absolutely exhausted (not used to waking up at 7am) and the idea of going to a funky coffee shop in Liverpool dwindled as I settled for a coffee to go while I waited for the next train to Liverpool.

On arrival, stepping off the train literally felt like the feeling you get when you step off an airplane in a hot country, the weather was ahhh-mazing. Surprisingly we didn’t get lost with it being just a 2 minute walk from the train station to the city centre which was completely convenient considering how much time we wasted in the morning. Walking through Liverpool town centre is like being at an outdoor concert, band after band, some were literally incredible, some were not so great (turn your Mic on and we might just hear you) and of course, a man playing the harmonica didn’t go unnoticed! Although Liverpool wouldn’t be Liverpool without A random guy trying sell his mix-tape. This could have quite possibly been my highlight of the day. I quote “Hey girls, I’m not Kanye and I’m definitely not 50 cent but you should buy my mix-tape” After an awkward laugh and an attempt to casually walk away it just didn’t end there “you have beautiful eyes you should be in my music video”  At times like this its almost like I’m programmed to say “Sorry, got no money on me” as I’m about to walk into the nearest shop, at this point he yanked his mix-tape out of my hand which I was kind of gutted about, was totally going to play that shit out of the car window when I got home. Maybe one day he’ll rise to fame and I’ll be completely devastated that I turned down his music video offer, but until that moment occurs, I’m sure ill be just fine.

For dins we stopped at a local chip shop diner and couldn’t help but analyze the local accent. I love the scouse accent but ohhhhh lordy, I was having trouble figuring out what some of the people were saying. It was so strange for me because everybody who I’ve ever spoken to who’re outside of the Stoke On Trent area and don’t live in Liverpool always assume that I’m scouse from my Stoke accent, which to me and to anybody who lives in Liverpool, it’s completely absurd because we sound nothing alike.

Being from around Stoke we’re kind of limited to the shops that are around us so you can only imagine how excited I was to see Forever 21, Mac makeup, Bobbi brown and Zara. Not even going to lie, I almost peed when I saw the Urban Decay shop. Shelf after shelf of eye palettes, lipstick after lipstick and then I saw the highlighters and almost died. Of course I had to buy one. For me, Victoria Secrets topped them all, I could have bought the whole shop that day. From the lingerie to the nighty’s (unpractical but pretty) to the sprays that simply smelt so heavily! This literally took me back to the moment in 2016 when I watched Adriana Lima walk down the Victoria Secrets catwalk to Starboy and my mouth just completely dropped at how insane she looked and how she completely slayed the whole show (please just let me be her)


If  I haven’t already mentioned about a million times before, the weather was insane, therefore it’s only right to finish shopping early for some well deserved cocktails in the sun. We ended up in Sugar Palm and can I just say there porn stars are on another level! Like seriously, I don’t know what they put in them that makes them so different but they tasted amazing. The atmosphere was lovely and was the perfect way to wind down and relax before tea (my favourite time of the day)

Of course, me being me, I have already researched exactly what restaurants are where and already had an in depth look at each and every menu and planned my meal. There was literally restaurant after restaurant and something there for everybody, whether it be Nandos, Pizza Express, TGI Fridays or something a little more exotic like Turtle Bay, Wagamama, Yee Rah and many more. I reaaaally had my heart set on going Wagamama (please somebody take me) but after negotiation I thought it’d be best to compromise and we agreed to Yee Rah which didn’t disappoint. I promised myself this year I’d be more spontaneous and adventurous  whether that be traveling or picking something other than a beef burger or hunters chicken off a menu. I opted for Singapore noodles and didn’t regret my decision. This meal was just gorgeous and was the perfect way to end an amazing day.

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The only thing I regret was not staying for a night out, the atmosphere was buzzing and it was completely depressing walking back to the train station at 6pm and people were already off their nut having the time of their lives. I would honestly recommend Liverpool one to anybody, especially on a mint day and will definitely be returning X



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