Katiejadeboutique eyelash range

So in January I decided to do something I’ve been thinking of doing for quiteeeeeeee a while now and launch my own mini business called Katiejadeboutique. This is something I’ve only just found the balls to do and so far I’m literally loving every second of it. I decided to combine my love for fashion and beauty and came up with the idea of bringing out my own mini lashes range. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m utterly obsessed with eyelashes and I just can not leave the house without them!  I just want to point out that yes ok  I am going to be biased, they are my lashes and I’m going to tell you how fantastic they are, but if there is one thing about me it’s that I pride myself in being honest whether it be telling that random girl in the nightclub she has toilet paper stuck to her shoe before she leaves the toilet, or it be telling you guys my true opinions and reviews of my own products. I try and test all my products and if I’m not overly impressed thennnnn it just ain’t getting sold huns. So here’s a little guide about all my new lashes, the pros/cons and just a litttttttle self endorsement, no i’m joking (well kind of) 

Abigail clear band lashes

My first edition to the KatieJadeBoutique eyelash family were the Abigail clear band lashes. If you haven’t already guessed, these lashes feature a clear band (duh) I absolutely love clear band lashes because I just feel as though it makes everything look super natural! My Abigail clear band lashes are super wispy and feature a unique criss cross type pattern. The fuller lash look is definitely achievable with the Abigail’s! What I found with my Abigail’s is that they’re super light and easy to apply and i’d say that these lashes were suitable for those who may not use lashes as often. These lashes are quite long and i’d say if your the type of person that is used to wearing shorter lashes, Abigail’s may just be a shock to the system but personally, I love long lashes, they make me feel like a fucking princess ok. The abigail’s feature short lashes within the inner corner of the lash which gradually get longer as they reach the outer corner, this makes the Abigail’s the perfect lash  for really bringing out the natural shape of your eye and just enhance the eye area and your surrounding makeup. These are the cheapest eyelashes of my collection and are priced at £2.25. I feel like the quality of my other lashes exceeds the Abigail lashes however the Abigail’s are still an amazing quality and perfect for those on a budget but still want to look glam.



Georgia Mink Eyelashes

Oh my god, I love mink eyelashes. I’ve never ever bought a pair of mink eyelashes before so when my own mink eyelashes arrived I literally died. They’re so soft! They are literally so soft and lightweight on the eye, it feels literally incredible. I have to say that these are my new go to night wear lashes and with these Georgia’s the ultimate glam look is so achievable. I’m super excited by these lashes because I have literally just fell in love with them. I can only wish that I was capable of doing 10/10 eyeshadow because these would literally look so good next to a smoky eye and wing but unfortunately, my eyeshadow skills aren’t that great. For any make up artists reading this, these are the one! These again are very long but I feel as though they just blend perfectly with your normal lashes, so flexible, so light just heaven, seriously.  My mink lashes are ranged at £4.50

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Jadine eyelashes

Jadine, Jadine, Jadine. Funky name for a funky pair of lashes. Whilst the Jadine’s give you that amazing full lash look they are super natural looking, they’re definitely not too much and are quite subtle on the eye. These are my go to lashes in the day time when I want to look that extra bit glam. One thing that concerned me when I opened these lashes was that the band was ever so slightly thicker than my other lashes and I know that sometimes thick band lashes can be looked down on because sometimes it’s harder to apply them but after giving them a little wiggle (like i do with all my lashes) they applied so easily and once I had them into place they felt so sturdy and secure and actually felt really pleasant around the eye. I love these Jadine lashes and i’ll definitely be wearing them like 24/7.  My Jadine lashes are priced at £2.69


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Nadina eyelashes

Finally the last pair of lashes i’m introducing to my first generation to my eyelash brand are the Nadina lashes. The Nadina lashes are super similar to the Jadine lashes (hence the names) What I found with the Nadina’s is that the shaping, style and fit and general feel of the lashes are super similar to the Jadine’s however I found the Nadina’s gave the lashes a much more defined look as appose to being super subtle. The Nadina lashes are the go to lashes for an evening event/party. However like all my lashes, are definitely not overpowering and can absolutely be slayed in the daytime! The Nadina lashes are super long and definitely gave me that ‘big, bright eye’ look that I just love. My Nadina lashes are priced at £2.69

Shop the look here; katiejadeboutique.co.uk


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