My top fashion & beauty purchases May 2017


Anybody who knows me knows that I  have been using Estee Lauder  double wear foundation religiously for the past year now however it’s no secret that drug store makeup has just completely up’d their game just recently so I thought it may be time to explore the different  brands out there and just see if it’s really worth spending another £30 on a new bottle of Estee lauder OR can I get the same quality for a much cheaper price?

No7  Lift & Luminate foundation

The first foundation I tried out was the No7 Lift & Luminate foundation which claims to give you ‘firmer even skin’ priced at £16.50 in Boots stores. For me this foundation did exactly what it claimed to do on the bottle.  I bought mine in the shade “Warm ivory” which matched my skin tone perfectly. With a range of 14 different shades to choose from i’m confident that there’ll be a shade for everybody. N07 state that the foundation gives you a natural and luminated finish. Out of all the foundations I have ever tried out I can honestly say that this foundation looks the most natural but leaves you with such a healthy looking glow! The top of my cheeks were literally, and i mean literally glowinnn’ as though I had already put highlighter on. The texture is pretty thick and looked clay like before applying to the face, however felt super lightweight on the face and smells exactly like sun cream. This is my go to foundation for day to day use however I probably wouldn’t wear this to events such as parties ect. What let me down about this foundation was the coverage. The foundation is described as a medium coverage however I didn’t really feel as though it covered up as much as i’d have liked it to. Under both of my eyes I often get broken capillaries which can often leave red/dark circles under my eye area therefore whenever I shop for a foundation I’ll always look for something that will cover these blemishes and this is where the foundation let me down slightly. However this is just down to personal preference and this foundation would be 10/10 for anybody just looking for that natural, healthy youthful looking glow and this is definitely the foundation I’ll be picking up on a hot summers day but personally for me I’d have preferred a high coverage foundation therefore I’d give this product a 7/10.

Maybelline fit me foundation matte + poreless

This has to be my new favourite foundation! I bought this for £6.99 in Superdrug in the shade “natural tan” I bought this foundation to match my new bottle of ultra dark tanner which you’ll be hearing more about further down in the blog post. The coverage is described as medium to high and I have to say I’m truly happy with the coverage this foundation gives me. In terms of colour at first I completely freaked out after looking at my face and feeling like an actual orange (maybe i was just so used to looking like a big tub of mayo) but after blending it all out and doing the rest of my makeup I thought it looked ah-mazing. The foundation smells good and the texture is pretty thin and which was quite surprising considering just how much coverage it gave me and didn’t look cakey what so ever. It definitely dried matte however doesn’t dry your face out what so ever. The foundation states it’s suitable for normal to oily skin however I’d say my skin was the more on the normal to dry side of the spectrum yet it worked super well with my skin and didn’t leave it feeling dry after. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on this product but for me I have absolutely no criticism for this product and works perfect with my skin. I rate this product a 9/10 and I definitely believe this is the product that is going to stop me from picking up my Estee Lauder. Here are a few looks I created with the foundation;


I have literally never found a concealer that is capable of completely covering up my broken capillaries and dark circles properly and after picking up the highly recommended Maybelline anti age concealer and being left hugely disappointed it was time to really dig deep into the world of concealer and find something that truly worked for my skin.

Collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer

Ok, first of all let me just point out that this product was just £3.99 from Superdrug and for the quality this is literally just an absolute bargain. I bought mine in the shade “fair” and the coverage is pretty impressive. The finish of this product is a Matte to Satin finish and is completely crease free! Many concealers I have tried in the past even with colour corrector underneath have made my dark circles more visible, this concealer completely removes any darkness and redness and looks completely flawless. for £3.99 I have absolutely no criticism what so ever and I will be using this concealer for a very long time.  10/10

Fake tan

Summers here (for now) but unfortunately, my tan is not. I will be forever burning and for me, as hard as I try a natural tan just isn’t looking very realistic for me at all. I’ve tried embracing the pale, I’ve tried the super cheap tanning products and always end up mega patchy and decided I wanted to try out a higher to mid range tanner to see if it is all that its cracked up to be.

Bondi Sands

The first time trying Bondi Sands and I reached straight for the shade “Ultra dark” because you know, I’m slightly extra like that. I made sure I had ex-foliated my skin to try and achieve that flawless, streak free tan and used my ex-foliating gloves from Primark, £1 for 2 pairs, highly recommend! Before applying the tan I ensure my skin is dry and free from any kinds of moisturizer. The bondi sands texture is a foam and applies and blends extremely well when applied in a circular motion with a tanning mitt. In terms of colour it was very dark however I had to apply two layers to achieve the colour I wanted but again just down to personal preference. The end result was amazing I was super super brown and completely streak free. I’ve had soooooo many compliments on the colour of my tan and am super happy that it turned out an ultra dark brown rather than an ultra orange like cheaper tanners. I got my tan for £17.99 from Superdrug which is more than i’d have liked to have payed for tanner and can’t help but think there must be cheaper options which will give me the same results, butttttttt I would 100% buy this tanner again and i’d give this product an 8.5/10.


Primark nails

I will never get my nails professionally done again. Chrome nails? Go to primark Metallic nails? Go to primark  Unicorn nails? Girlllllllll just go to primark. Primark is absolutely incredible for nails and I honestly believe they look better than my past nails when I have had them done professionally. I always get asked where I get my nails done and always get almost a look of disbelief when I tell them they’re from primark for just £2. You cannot go wrong with a pack of 25 nails for £2 when they look so so pretty. If I was to give these nails a little bit of criticism i’d say some of the finger nails are ridiculously big and some of them I could literally fit on my big toe. Like seriously, do people really have finger nails that big? And the glue is a little crappy but apart from that the nails look amazing. I purchased Chrome nails for £2 8/10


My Carmella lashes

Anyone who has read previous blogposts knows I have a little business called katiejadeboutique where I have a eyelash range full of pretty little lashes! My latest buy is the Carmella lashes which I describe as the ‘ultimate party lash’ oooo I just love these. They’re long, thick and wispy and made with a natural curve and give you that ultimate party lash. Priced at £3. I absolutely love these lashes and out of all the lashes in my collection these are my go to when town is calling my name.


Clothes Clothes Clothes

I’ve completely slacked this month and haven’t purchased many clothes at all which has led to me sitting on the floor at the end of the month having an actual mental breakdown on my mum  because I’ve opened my wardrobe on a hot summers day to find black, black, black,black, grey, black, black and about 17 khaki jumpers. It’s actually shocking how I let my wardrobe get so dull and  I can only blame it on my addiction of makeup shopping.  So what did I do? Well I treated my self to more khaki.

Khaki harness belted cigarette trousers

Although these are Khaki, I’m super surprised that I even purchased them because anybody who knows me knows I live in ripped jeans so for me to buy cigarette trousers, and actually like them was a huge shocker. I purchased my cigarette trousers at Missguided for £12.50 which was a reduced price from the original price of £25 and has since been reduced to just £10. I’m not sure I’d have payed £25 for these but for £12.50 the quality is just amazing, so comfortable and the belt and silver zip is super cute. What I love the most about these trousers is just how versatile they are. They can be dressed up and paired with simple black heals and a bra-let but can also be dressed down and still look lush to a day time shopping spree, these trousers can literally be worn to every occasion. What I love doing is rolling up the legs and pairing with a pair of trainers and a plain black top to give me that casual but stylish outfit for day to day wear. Here’s just a few pics of my trousers and how I styled these absolute beauties!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shop link;

Primark glasses 

I’m not normally one to go out and buy sunglasses and I’ve simply just never thought any ever suited my face but this hot weather just suddenly gave me the urge to finally purchase a pair. After going around endless shops in Liverpool I finally came across a pair from Topshop and I absolutely loved them! That was until I saw the price tag. Can I really justify spending £20 on a pair of sunglasses? I was so so close to buying them but then I thought about all the lovely tops I could buy for £20 in Missguided and I can proudly say I left sunglasses free. Let’s just cut to the chase I went in Primark a week later and there was a massive rack of some of the most beautiful shades and all for under £5. The quality of them is incredible, I find no difference between the ones from Primark and the ones from Topshop. I found a pair of Primark glasses for just £3 and they’re almost identical to the ones I tried on in Primark. This picture doesn’t even justify how pretty they are. Cat eye sunglasses, featuring blue lenses and black frames. I’m seriously convinced that these glasses will suit any face and any outfit. Kind of annoyed that it’s 2017 and Primark stilllllll don’t have an online shopping website but I’m pretty sure if you head down to your local Primark they’ve have a pretty collection of sunglasses just like these!




Lastly but certainly not least…My ohpolly dress!!

Can’t believe I almost forgot to include this! It wasn’t until I was thinking about how dark my bondi sands tan was in my dress that I remembered that I haven’t even included the item I love most (duh) So last Saturday, or the Saturday before I hit the town in Manchester and of course every event calls for a new dress, right? Ohpolly is literally one of my favourite places for special dresses and have never ever let me down in terms of quality. It’s just a tad bit more expensive than Missguided, Pretty little thing but you’re guaranteed amazing quality with these dresses. I bought the strap you in, double layered bandeau midi dress in the colour stone in a size 8 for £27. This dress is nothing like i’ve ever bought before, I usually go for long sleeve dresses and I have absolutely no idea why but ever since wearing my bandeau dress it’s like I literally just want to buy every bandeau dress I see. When I first opened it up I was a little surprised about the material its more of a cotton material which I felt like it didn’t really look like on the professional pics it looked slightly more shiny on the pics and I have never had any luck with cotton dresses before so I was extremely nervous trying it on, but I absolutely loved it. The double layered material meant it was so secure, strapped you in and the detail under the bust worked wonders. Love love love this dress


Overall I think my clothes shopping has been pretty poor this month (I’m so terrible) June is going to be all about focusing on building up a spring/summer collection and adding a splash of colour to my wardrobe and can’t wait to share with everyone my June summer wardrobe! X


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