My experience; starting a business young, blogging/youtube,gaining confidence & girl power

Hey girlies!

This post is a little bit of a mixture of things, I had no idea what to call it! I wanted to make a blog post about my personal journey on building confidence and share with you girlies (or men) on how I went about doing this and will hopefully inspire some of you girlies to go follow your dreams, whether you wan’t to set up a business, start blogging full time, maybe you want to start youtube but are too afraid or go into social media influencing? I’m not claiming to be any of these things, I don’t have youtube but here are a few tips & tricks I came across while beginning to pursue my dreams and hopefully some of these will help you too!

If anybody had asked me a year ago how I wanted to spend my life and what I want to do I would have honestly not had an answer for them. At the age of 20 I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do I spent years of my life studying subjects and in the end I had just lost all interest in them and had no other interests to replace them. I spent a few years of my life doing jobs I didn’t enjoy and it wasn’t until after leaving them and starting a fresh I realized that I didn’t want to work for somebody else I wanted to be my own boss and do my own thing and make my own money. January 2017 I started my own online fashion boutique called katiejadeboutique I started from complete scratch, no loan, no help just an idea in my head that I began to turn into a reality. I’m no business guru the quote “being in your early 20’s is like playing a video game when you have skipped the instructions, your kind of just running around like a headless chicken” is literally me right now, but what I’d say to anyone my age, anyone younger or even older lifes to short to not follow your dreams and do the things you love, life is too short to be stuck doing things that you don’t enjoy and if you put your mind to it you can literally do everything you set your mind to!

How it all started;

In my case I knew that I wanted to work for myself but had absolutely no idea what sector I’d like to go into. I remember at first wanting to open my own coffee shop, why you ask? because I love coffee! This would have simply just not worked out for me because as much as I lived for my morning latte and 2 sugars I wasn’t passionate about opening a coffee shop or running one. Finding your interests, finding what you want to do in life and finding yourself takes time. Some people know at 13 they want to grow up and go into nursing, some people at the age of 55 go into a whole new career. There’s never a time limit on anything. Experiencing life, going into new jobs doing things that may scare you will all enable you to grow as a person and learn more about yourself each day. I can’t even remember the moment that opening an online boutique, working with clothes, marketing and selling became a ‘thing’ in my head but one day it just did but ever since that moment, I have worked towards that goal and haven’t looked back. My advice to anyone trying to find their purpose, interests ect would be to keep experiencing life, doing scary things and having fun and surrounding yourself with people who effect your life in a positive way.


Plan Plan Plan

Now that you have found yourself, what is it that you want to do?  Maybe you want to be a full time blogger, earn money from your blogging? A Youtuber? Social media influencer? or running your own business? it’s all completely possible! A plan of action is always necessary! My business started from a one page long word document, no fancy business plan nothing jazzy like that but I started asking myself what do I want to call my business? Who do I want to provide? Who do I want to target? This may seem like such an obvious step but such a crucial one having it on paper helps you to visualize your idea much better and therefore makes it much more clearer and attainable.

Social media is key

In almost everything businessy social media is absolute key and even more so if you’re into blogging, online shops, youtubing. Before building a business it’s best to build your online status first. Set your future blog up, Set your future business social media accounts up, Set a youtube up and build up that following. There’s nothing wrong with investing a little time into your online profiles, especially if it’s going to earn you them pennies in the long run. You’re always going to come across them negative nellys that are going to tell you how sad people are for trying to build up their online following, and maybe for them it is sad because they are taking a complete different life route to you which doesn’t require a good social media following, thats fine! These people need to be a little more open minded and understand that people make their money in different ways and if you need them 10k followings then there’s no shame in you going and achieving that. Followers isn’t everything but in the industry of business and blogging it’s no secret it can earn you serious amounts of cash.

Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions

Your dream, your goals, do you! Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to like what you’re doing or support it! I’ve had un-supportive friends “why are you bothering why don’t you just stick to your normal job” Like EH? I’m such a big believer in girl power, girls supporting girls, positivity and all that jazz and if a girl is slating what I do or is sitting there like her business sucks, her blog sucks then I feel sorry for that girl because clearly she’s got that much negativity inside her that she feels the need to rub it onto other people with her comments? There’s nothing more uplifting than telling a girl how amazing she looks, commenting positive things and just supporting other woman who are simply uploading video’s, creating blogs, businesses and slaying their Missguided outfits on insta and following their dreams! If your ever feeling down i’d seriously recommend watching Imogenation’s videos on youtube, she is the most inspiring, uplifting, positive person I have ever watched. It’s nice to be nice! I feel like I have waffled MASSIVELY on this post but the point is that there’s always going to be negative nellys floating around looking for girls they can put down to make themselves feel better but who would you rather be? the girl writing blog posts about things they’re passionate for? the girl posting makeup tutorials about how she achieved them fleeky brows? the girl who has a small business and is simply just working hard to achieve something bigger for themselves? or the girl surrounded in her negative little bubble posting hate and bitching about YOUR success? don’t feel ashamed about your passions because guess what? If your already following your passion then you’re already slaying! you’re already a female boss, confident girls don’t need to put other girls down and other positive, confident slaying gals are going to support you!

Be patient! Never doubt yourself

Work hard! it will happen! You will reach 10,000 subscribers, you will get your first email from that company asking you to promote their products, you will get that huge order at your business if thats what you have your mind set on! These things do take time and you’re always going to have them days that you doubt yourself but you’re also going to have better days and more successful days if you keep working hard and never give up! You’re already amazing for going out and working for what you want, don’t ever doubt your talents, business idea, blog post, art work, style and all will be good!

Stay Organized

It’s always good to stay organized and keep on top of things. I always keep a little notebook of all the tasks I want to get done that day and mark them with exclamation points. ‘!!!’ being get this done today ‘!’ being you could get this done today. Being organized helps so much. Whether it be jotting down what orders to send, what blog post needs finishing when or that you have a dentist appointment with Mr dentist man at 9.15. It’s always good to stay organized and write down all your thoughts so that you can visualize what needs to be done when, This will enable you to look back on your day and see how much you got done that day, which tasks were a breeze, which tasks took way to long and which tasks you simply just couldn’t motivate yourself to do. This step makes me 10x more productive, more likely to want to complete all your tasks and more likely to better yourself each and every day.


Confidence can be such a massive issue for young people and can be a massive reason why people don’t do the things they know they’d enjoy or know that they’d benefit from and I only know too well that lacking in confidence can be so so crippling and perhaps even debilitating in certain ways. It’s hard sometimes thinking back at how many opportunities I missed out on growing up because I just lacked in so much confidence! I’ve naturally just grew in confidence getting older, I don’t believe that there’s a certain remedy or things you need to do to improve your confidence but I learnt to surround myself with positive people and remove the negatives. Remove the friend who puts you down and be around people who support your ideas or even share the same passions as you. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough! “I’m not pretty enough for youtube” “I’m not funny enough” “I’m not clever enough” This negative mindset is only ever going to hold you back and stop you from achieving. You can’t please everybody, nobody can. Think of the most amazing celebrity that you absolutely worship the ground of, not everybody likes that celebrity. I absolutely love all the Kardashians, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella and Gigi Hadid. If I looked an ounce of what they looked like I’d be happy, but not everybody is going to agree with me not everybody is going to see them as their look ‘goals’ or inspirations and thats because they to can’t please everybody.  Everybody is unique, everybody is different and thats the beauty of blogging, of businesses, of youtubing because everybody brings something different and thats why there will never be no room left for new blogs, for new businesses and youtubers and that’s what makes the industry so amazing. The next time you doubt yourself always remember that you don’t have to be as funny as your favourite youtuber or blogger because you are funny in your own way and theirs many girls who will relate to your youtube channel, your blog posts and will be inspired by your fashion shots.  You don’t need to look like them because there is no one out there who looks like you and who thinks like you and who acts like you.

I feel like this blog post was a huuuge mix of things, those were just a few tips and tricks I learnt when launching and doing something for myself that I enjoy, not everyone will support it or even understand it but 100% the benefits outweigh the negatives and to anyone scared of starting youtube, starting a business or wanting turn their blogging hobby into something more businessy, I really hope this post has helped some of you!   I absolutely love talking about things like this and spreading positivity!  If any of you girlies have any blog post topics or ideas you’d like me to cover next I’d love to hear from you!  Please feel free to comment below any of your past experiences, blogging/business tips that I may have missed out or just leave your blog below and I’ll be sure to take a look!


KatieJade X


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